Ethos E-Tabs FAQ's

Why are E-Tabs better than traditional glue or nail methods?

The entire process is the same (only re-imagined) as any other method. The difference is the proactive, non-invasive nature of Ethos E-Tabs attachment protocols. The shoe can be used anytime, anyplace. 

Why would I use E-Tabs if I am not gluing?

Fewer nails. Fewer nail holes. Hoof wall integrity and peace of mind. 

How do they differ from nailing a regular shoe with side clips?

Ethos E-Tabs smoothly wrap around the hoof capsule, when the farrier lightly taps them flush with the hoof wall. Regular clips are much more aggressive. Hammered into a lower area of hoof wall that is vulnerable because it is already weakened by nails that are placed side by side and then the hoof reacts much like wood with nails and it splinters. E-Tabs easily hold the shoe on the hoof like normal clips. 

With Ethos E-Tabs, if your horse pulls a shoe, the hoof is almost always in tact and you are able to have another E-Tab applied immediately.  When horses pull traditional clipped shoes it will usually result in the removal of a substantial amount of hoof wall in the process. Plus, sadly, in the past when horses have accidentally stepped down on top of traditional clips, they have unfortunate outcomes. Not with E-Tabs.

Ethos E-Tabs protect your horse  by folding or detaching if interfered with and ideally having no impact at all.    

How do I prep the hoof before gluing E-Tabs?

Use a wire brush to clean the hoof surfaces and plastic wrap to keep it clean before shoe application.  

Additional options include, wiping the shoe and hoof with rubbing alcohol swabs removing any residue and then using a small hand torch to dry both the shoe and hoof.

Again, wrap with plastic and keep the hoof clean between steps, prior to applying the shoe. 

What do you mean by, "proactive shoeing"?

We know horses have had shoes nailed on for a long time. We also know that sometimes accidents happen. With Ethos E-Tabs, by using fewer nails or smarter gluing the approach is more likely to produce positive results. When horses step down on a normal twisted nailed shoe it can be bad. If that happens with E-Tabs, it is much less likely to have an impact and you could probably just re-apply a new shoe. When horses with other shoes like Yasha, Sigafoos or Polyflex get heel sore from glue being used to attach the shoe in the heel, they suffer basic soreness and bruising or even severe quarter cracks.  All from glue in the heel.

With Ethos E-Tabs no glue is required in the heels and because of the E-Tabs the hoof is placed on the ground during set time so the epoxy is evenly pressed out from the animal's weight. Regular glue methods call for holding the hoof contracted in the air with an undetermined amount of leftover glue remaining between the shoe and the hoof since the farrier isn't able to place the foot on the ground. You can with Ethos E-Tabs. These are some of the differences.

When we use Ethos E-Tabs we avoid all those old traps and ensure hoof integrity and longevity. That is proactive hoof care.    

Could gluing or nailing Ethos E-Tabs be better for my horse?

Ethos supports alternating between nailing and gluing or a hybrid style combination. Ethos E-Tabs make it easy for horses to be comfortable.

The basic benefits of Ethos E-Tabs attachment options enable the correct amount of hoof to be removed without concern for where to put nails or how to glue.  It's easy. You just trim the hoof so it's balanced and level, place the shoe around it with glue or nails or a combination of both, and voila.

You've taken every precautionary step to ensure that your horses have the best chance of having great feet for their whole life.

How do I shape E-Tabs?

Cold fit like any aluminum clipped shoe. The E-Tabs are slightly enlarged clips and it is almost exactly like shaping any other regular shoe. No notching required.

What kinds of glue do you use?

Equilox and Grand Circuit are brands of equine epoxy that work well with Ethos E-Tabs.