Directions for applying Ethos E-Tabs:

Step 1. Clean and trim the hoof.

Clean, trim, level and balance the hoof as you would normally. Wipe away any debris with a wire brush and dry hoof with a small flame hand torch.

Step 2. Shape and fit the shoe.

Shape and cold fit E-Tabs like any aluminum clipped shoe [no notching required]. Then wire brush the shoe so it's clean and ready for application.

Step 3. Apply glue to shoe and tabs.

Apply epoxy to the E-Tabs and shoe surface.

Step 4. Apply the shoe to the hoof.

After applying glue to desired areas of the shoe, easily slide the shoe in place, cleanly wipe away excess epoxy that presses out, and gently wrap the foot with plastic, then lightly drop it to the ground.

Step 5. Ethos E-Tabs Glue Patch Stickers.

Each E-Tab is then covered with epoxy by using the E-Tab Glue Patch foam sticker which is placed around the tab and then filled with glue. Wrap with plastic during set time. That's it!  When glue is dry, peel away the sticker and smoothly rasp the edges of the glue patch. Carve away excess glue on the sole/web of the shoe that pressed out from the horses weight during set time. You're finished! 


Watch a video of Ethos E-Tabs being applied »