How Ethos E-Tabs Work

Ethos E-Tabs Hybrid Horseshoes are secured in place by gluing on top of and around the enlarged side/quarter clips (E-Tabs). The E-Tabs are covered with equine epoxy by using the Ethos E-Tabs Glue Patch Stickers.

Amazing results, time after time.
— Bruce McCuan, Farrier (Tonalist; winner Belmont S.)

Simply remove the backing of the self-adhesive Ethos E-Tabs Glue Patch Stickers and place just above the weld line with the E-Tabs centered.

The molds are filled with epoxy such as Equilox, Hoof Life or Grand Circuit and the foot is wrapped with plastic in order to tighten and smooth out the glue patch.

When the glue is dry, it's easy to remove the stickers and clean up.

Ethos E-Tabs hybrid options include the use of toe and heel nails by themselves or with Ethos E-Tabs Glue Patches.

Ethos E-Tabs lead the industry in Grade 1 wins!

Disciplines using Ethos E-Tabs include:

  • Race
  • Show
  • Event
  • Barrel
  • Polo
  • Pleasure